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2022 PFR Insight Meetings

Published on Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Our team of experts highlight PFR Proven™ data, years of industry experience, and current supply trends to help you develop a plan to achieve superior weed control, higher yields, and increased ROI this season. Check out our Deep Dive talks below!


Jason Gahimer - Planter Setup - Time is Money


Planter Setup - Time is Money: The most important pass of the season is the planter pass, and we want to ensure you are setting the stage for optimal early-season decision-making. From planting date to planting speed and new planter technologies and equipment, we're here to help you improve your planter pass.


Jim Schwartz - Nitrogen


Adapting to Nitrogen Markets - Enhance Your Nitrogen Investment: With fertilizer prices on the rise, you’ll need to find effective ways to manage your nitrogen to be the most cost-efficient and effective. We'll cover topics like how environmental conditions affect product selection, in-furrow, 2x2x2, and split applications, anhydrous ammonia depth and timing, and so much more!



Jon Skinner - Spraying For Profit - Corn


Spraying for Profit - Corn: Does Xyway™ fungicide live up to its hype? Beck's PFR tested this new flutriafol fungicide in two different studies this year - and you will not want to miss out on hearing the results!



Steve Gauck - Spraying For Profit - Soybeans


Spraying for Profit - Soybeans: PFR Proven data shows the most profitable soybean fungicide pass is made at the R3 growth stage. We'll be covering everything you need to know, from optimal timing, additives, water conditioners, and even proper carrier rates.



Nate Firle - Small Additions for Big Profitst


Adding to the Basics - Small Additions for Big Profits: What small additions can be supplemented to your planned passes to give you the best chance at success this season? Learn more about sugar-based nutritionals, sulfur products, additives, talc replacements, and other small ways to make a large impact on your soybean yields.


Bonus Session: Carbon - Not Just a Credit Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are the three basic nutrients required for plant life. These are all nonmetal elements that are available to plants through air, water, and the soil. Carbon is an essential part the photosynthesis cycle. Recently, carbon markets have created a new buzz in the world. This session will not specifically focus on carbon markets, but the agronomic application of applying carbon-based products to plants. This carbon chat will explain how carbon cycles in the environment and how it interacts with plants. Information on water- and nutrient-holding capacities of this element will also be discussed, along with carbon-based products tested in Beck’s Hybrids’ Practical Farm Research (PFR®) trials.


Miss our 2022 Virtual PFR Insight Meetings? No worries - check out everything we talked about here.

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