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An Infamous Number

Published on Wednesday, January 8, 2014

There is an infamous number every crop farmer strives to reach. It’s a number that signifies innovation, dedication, hard work, and passion. And it’s a number that, if reached, proves it can be done.


Just a few days before Christmas, I sat down with a farmer from east central Indiana. But this time I wasn’t there to capture his Why I Farm story, I was there to capture his 300 bushel story.


Each year Tom Logue of Liberty, IN has participated in the Beck 300 Challenge program, trying new management practices in an effort to reach that infamous number – 300 Bu./A. Today, Tom can proudly say that he not only achieved his goal, he knocked it out of the park.


I’m proud to announce that Tom Logue is the 2013 Beck 300 Challenge winner and the first participant to yield 300 Bu./A. in the Challenge. But the best part, he didn’t just make the 300 bushel club, he achieved a yield of 323.2 Bu./A. with BECK 6175AM™*.


I called Tom in the middle of December to tell him he won. I knew instantly from his reaction that he is a humble man. With such an achievement, I figured he knew all along he won, but to my astonishment, he was surprised.


Unlike the Why I Farm interviews, this interview would be on camera. And even though I can take video, I’m no expert. So David Friedrich, a multimedia specialist at Beck’s, came with me to ensure the interview went perfectly.


Tom and his wife, Sue, greeted us at the front door and invited us in with open hearts. They just recently completed remodeling their house and let me tell you, it’s absolutely stunning. With woodwork that looked as if it could tell a hundred stories, the house was decorated beautifully. And where do I begin with the kitchen. It was a dream.


We sat down in the living room, and not just any living room, but a room big enough for 30 people. They designed it that way on purpose. They wanted a room big enough to comfortably hold a large group for Bible studies, Church meetings, and family gatherings.


During the interview, Tom answered the questions flawlessly and with an unwavering conviction. If he was nervous, I couldn’t’ tell. With Sue looking on, he had his best friend, partner in the operation, and partner in life by his side.


From herbicides, nitrogen rates, and planting population, many of the management practices Tom used were the same from 2012, but there was one big difference.




In 2013, they had good weather with cool nights and timely rains. The corn had a chance to rest at night, something the plants never got in 2012.


After Tom went through his 300 Challenge plan, I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to ask. How did you do it? How did you achieve a yield of 323.2 Bu./A.?


His answer.


“In the Bible, the Parable of the Sower talks about the increase is sometimes 30, sometimes 60, sometimes 100 fold, well this year I received a 700 fold increase. And I’m not confused about who is the master of the increase. And it’s not me.”


Before that afternoon in late December, I had never met Tom. But once I left, I knew he was a man of faith, hope and determination. Even after a rough 2012, Tom didn’t lose his way. He got back in the tractor, planted another crop, and put everything else in the hands of the Lord.


But you didn’t think I left without asking one more very important question. It’s a question, that over the last several months, I ask in every interview I have with a farmer. Why do you farm?


And instead of me telling you, I thought I’d let Tom tell you himself.  Watch the video below to hear Tom’s Why I Farm story.


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3 comments on article "Why I Farm: Behind the Movement"


1/9/2014 7:17 PM

Awesome people! I wish more people had the work ethic Tom and his wife sue have. This great country was built on the farmers hard work!


1/9/2014 9:10 PM

Tom speaks truth:).. Glad to know he is one of Gods people here on earth walking the walk of Faith, trusting God with his life and the property entrusted him by the Lord...

Andrea Gillen

1/10/2014 8:38 AM

Listening to Tom's humble interview brought the following verse to mind, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven." Matt. 5:16

May your efforts continue to be blessed, Tom. Your heart is in the right place. Wish we lived a little closer as I would love our children to know more about farm life and being good stewards of the land. May you inspire even more people with your faith, values, and work ethic.

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