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Evaluating Pottinger High Speed Tillage Tool

Published on Monday, April 25, 2016

This spring I had the opportunity to demo a tillage tool I have been very curious about, the TERRADISC 4001 manufactured by Pottinger. This tool is what I refer to as a high speed disc or compact disc. It is a one-pass tillage tool that can take corn residue and till it to be plant-ready with just one pass. 

After using the tool, I found that it did what they said it would do, but it does take some horsepower. We had an MX200 on a 13 ft. implement and it could not have pulled a wider one. Pottinger recommends 10 to 15 horsepower/ft. of width and to pull it fast, at least 8 mph. Because of the narrower width, it did take a little longer to work this 38-acre field, even though we were going faster. Our normal tillage on this field would have been a 23 ft. Case IH mulch tiller followed by a field cultivator. Using Pottinger’s TERRADISC 4001 saved us a significant amount of time overall in this situation because we only had to make one pass instead of two.

These tools are very heavy but depth control is very easy and precise. I don’t promote working wet soils as this will cause compaction. That being said, I observed that this tool can take wet soil and make it plant-ready. This is still not a good agronomic decision, but I wanted to make you aware of what it is capable of. There are other manufacturers that make similar tools such as the Horsch Anderson Joker, Landoll’s 7800 High Speed Landoll (HSL), the Degelman 
Pro-Till, and the Kwik Till by Norwood.

A special thank you to Buckeye Farmers for allowing us to demo this tool! 

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