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Agronomy Update

Prepping Your Planter: Settings per Seed Size

Published on Friday, April 8, 2016

Have you received unusual or uncommon seed sizes this year? If so, I have included some initial planter setting suggestions based on various planters, seed sizes and weights.  

Case IH Vacuum Planters with Bulk Fill

  • A 50 percent talc and 50 percent graphite blend is recommended with Bulk Fill planters

  • Use 1/8th cup per 2 units of seed. Make sure it is well dispersed and mixed

  • Set the fan speed to 3,500 rpm for all seed sizes

  • Incrementally increase vacuum over 22 in. until proper accuracy is attained  

John Deere Vacuum Planters with CCS
Double the amount of talc. For example, use 22 cups of talc for 35 Bu./A. hopper or 32 cups of talc for a 50 Bu./A. hopper. Make sure it is well dispersed and mixed. 

  • You may need to increase tank vacuum by 10 to 20 percent to keep seed flowing to row unit

  • If seed tube plugging occurs, reduce ground speed for large seed

  • Standard meter vacuum is 14.5 to 17 in. You may need to increase it to 17 to 22 in. for large seed

Kinze Vacuum Planters with ASD Systems
The use of powdered graphite is very important to ensure proper flow of heavily treated seed through the intrainer device. Even distribution of graphite is critical. “Pre-Lube” the entire system by treating five units of seed with seven bottles of graphite and then plant that out. After that, use two bottles of graphite for every 50 units of seed.

  • Incrementally increase the vacuum level to improve accuracy with flat seed – flats don’t work well in this system.

  • Remember, the larger the seed the greater the need to adjust brush settings down!

AGCO White Planters with CFS

  • The standard talc recommendation is one gallon of talc for the 45 Bu./A. hopper

  • Increasing the CFS seed hopper pressure may increase the potential for seed tube plugging

  • Standard seed corn disk is 852436

  • For very large seed, use 852434 or 852435

  • For smaller seed, use 852436 or 852437

In addition to proper planter settings, here are some other things to consider before heading out to the field:

Plantability | Be sure to slowly condition your seed to the outside temperatures and humidity conditions by allowing air flow through your storage sheds.

Proper Measurements and Mixing | Ensuring the proper amount of seed, mixing, and use of a seed lubricant is critical with our Escalate™ yield enhancement system.

Products | I would suggest purchasing a case of talc, graphite, and a 50/50 blend to have on hand as planting draws near.

Planting date | These days, farmers tend to plant when the ground is fit and it is close to a specific calendar date. It is key to have three consecutive days of 55°F soil temperatures at a 4 in. depth. This will allow corn to germinate and imbibe the Escalate treatment components, allowing for even emergence.







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Tim Stensland

12/18/2017 12:19 PM

Hi Denny, as we were talking on the phone today I have a few questions

1 for 15inch corn rows did you use any special ground prep such as vertical tillage?

2 for the 15 or 20 inch rows it seems that last year 190 pounds of N was enough but do you think on average one would need to raise the N when you go up with population like these plots?

3 can all the n be out on up front so you don't knock down the corn or is it important to split in in this situation?

Thanks, Tim

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