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Practical Farm Research (PFR): Corn and Soybean Results

2021 PFR Book

Published on Monday, December 6, 2021

Since 1937, the Beck family has owned and operated Beck’s, the largest family-owned retail seed company and the third-largest seed brand in the United States. As farmers themselves, the Beck family recognizes the value of conducting unbiased agronomic research to help farmers succeed.

That’s why we developed Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® program 57 years ago. PFR provides the most comprehensive, innovative, and practical agronomic research in the industry. We evaluate hundreds of new management practices and inputs and then deliver unbiased agronomic data to help farmers make better decisions and increase profitability. In 2021, Beck’s PFR program conducted over 100 studies testing more than 250 products and practices across multiple locations.

Each year we produce a book with the research results. We’re excited to share the 2021 PFR Book, which contains five sections.

  • PFR Proven™. Are you looking for something new to try on your farm? PFR Proven products and practices have continuously provided positive yield gains each year and average an increased return on investment for a minimum of three years. The research is featured chronologically by the growing season.
  • Multi-Location Data. Beck’s conducts nearly all PFR studies at multiple locations across our marketing area. By combining data from many sites, we have more confidence in the results, good or bad.
  • Individual Location Studies. With 9 PFR testing locations, you can dive into each unique study and review the results.
  • Organic. We have two sites with 34 acres dedicated to organic agronomic research – Atlanta, IN, and Colfax, IA.
  • Silage and Alfalfa. This is the first year we conducted corn silage and alfalfa-specific studies. Our studies come directly from the questions you ask, and we look forward to growing this testing.

New and Exciting Studies for 2021!

Be sure to check these out!

  • Corn Studies
    • Planting Speed Studies – SpeedTube®. ExactEmerge™, and SureSpeed™
    • Nitrogen Placement Study – 2x2x2 vs. Dribble
    • Fungicide Placement & Timing Study – Xyway™ LFR®
    • Nutrient Management Study – Fall vs. Spring Banding
    • Silage Studies – Population, Fungicides, Plant Growth Regulators, and more!
    • Organic Research
  • Soybean Studies
    • Talc Replacement Study
    • Starter Fertilizer Study – 2x2x2
    • Boron Timing Study
    • Organic Research

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