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2022 Recommendations

Published on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Problematic, resistant weeds are constantly evolving ­— and staying one step ahead of them can be difficult. As new technologies become available, the options for farmers increase, but many are left wondering how to maximize the technologies. The herbicide specialists at Beck's create numerous resources, like the Soybean Herbicide Programs guide, to help farmers make informed decisions regarding their weed management.

This year’s guide is a collection of recommended herbicide programs and options for the major soybean platforms and includes valuable resources like application charts and tables, problematic weed profiles and herbicide group watchouts.

In addition to the herbicide guide, Beck’s has created quick-read, topical weed management briefs that combine insights from Practical Farm Research (PFR)® herbicide studies and sound agronomic practices.


Weed Control Workshop Videos

Cereal Rye Rate Study


Cereal Rye Termination


Dicamba vs. 2,4-D Soil Activy Corn System Study: One Pass vs. Two Passes Enlist® System Study: Nozzle Selection and Carrier Rate

Enlist® System Study: Heavy, Medium, and Low Weed Pressure


TH Fabrication Row Focus Rotary Hoe


Tillage Study - Second Year Study Wheat-Fall Burndown / Residual vs. Spring Burndown Xtendflex® Post-Emergence Options Xtendflex® System Study: Heavy, Medium, and Low Weed Pressure Enlist® Clethodim Rate Study


2021 Enlist E3® Post-Emergence Options


Weed Zapper        


Weed Management Briefs

Non-GMO Control Options


Alternative Post-Emerge Herbicide Options

Enlist Carrier Rate Enlist - Post-Emergence Enlist Weed Control System Liberty and Time of Day
Importance of AMS with Liberty and Glyphosate Applications


Influence of Weed Size on Liberty Applications

Carrier Rate - Liberty + Glyphosate Carrier Rate - Liberty Alternative Solutions - Row Width Alternative Solutions - Tillage
Alternative Solutions - Cover Crops


Winter Annual ID and Weed Control


Marestail Burndown Power of In-Season Residuals Power in the Pre™  

Their focus is strategies for success, like the influence of multiple sites of action (SOA) on weed control.

Download your copy of the 2022 Soybean Herbicide Programs guide and check out all weed management resources available below.

To view additional company-specific herbicide products and program information:

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