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CropTalk: Fresh, New Soybean Products for 2021

April 2021

Published on Thursday, April 1, 2021

Heading into the 2021 planting season, this is the first year that we have not been in the middle of launching a new soybean technology to our sales team and customers. As exciting and interesting as it is to launch new technologies in three consecutive seasons, it can lead to confusion about what technology fits best on the farm.

Additionally, there are always questions surrounding new technologies and how well the germplasm of a new technology is equipped to perform. At Beck’s, we have offered choices of technologies and germplasm from across the soybean spectrum and do so only when we are confident in the germplasm supporting the platform. In this issue, I am going to spend time highlighting some of the new products we are excited about across all technologies. With 36 new soybean products in the 2021 soybean class, it is not possible to cover all the new offerings, but below are a few to consider.



BECK 0830E3brand provides stacked phytophthora, making it an excellent choice for tough wet feet conditions and iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) acres. It maintains very strong performance across all growing environments and conditions including as a first-plant option in cold soils.

  • Very Good IDC Tolerance
  • Excellent Emergence
  • Outstanding Phytophthora Package

BECK 2663XFbrand can be the Swiss Army knife for just about every soybean grower. It charts well on agronomics and its plant type confers strong performance under stress, but allows this variety to strive in high-yield environments.

  • Highly Versatile Variety
  • Very Good Emergence
  • Excellent Brown Stem Rot Tolerance

BECK 3663XFbrand brings a nice balance of top-end yield and a great disease package. BECK 3663XFbrand is a plant-first variety with fast emergence and very good sudden death syndrome (SDS) and good phytophthora root rot (PRR) tolerance. Strong standability allows for placement on soils with lodging pressure.

  • Very Good SDS Tolerance
  • Prairie Soil Standability
  • Great Emergence

BECK 4553XFbrand brings extraordinary flexibility in placement capped with agronomics that will withstand adverse environmental factors. This variety offers farmers confidence during the growing season and excellent yield expectations.

  • Wonderful Standability
  • Stem Canker Resistant
  • Excellent SDS Tolerance

BECK 1830E3brand is a variety with industry-leading agronomics paired with very good yield performance and strong white mold tolerance. It moves well across soils and offers southern movement out of zone.

  • Leading White Mold Tolerance
  • Good Phytophthora Tolerance
  • Use Caution on Elevated pH Soils

BECK 3230E3brand checks all of the boxes for an early Group III variety. Its dual phytophthora genes packaged with good field tolerance and emergence allows it to be planted early and on heavier soil types. It is a versatile line with great standability and very good sudden death syndrome (SDS) tolerance.

  • Stacked Phytophthora Package
  • Strong SDS Tolerance
  • Great Standability All Season

BECK 4030E3brand offers tremendous yields across soil types with a highly desirable health package. It is a standout option that will become a lead offering for farmers across Beck’s marketing area.

  • Outstanding Standability
  • Strong Phytophthora Profile
  • Very Good Emergence

BECK 4443XFbrand delivers performance in a versatile, robust package. This variety’s quick canopy closure, agronomic package, and in-season looks will make it a widely adopted mid- Group IV line.

  • Excellent SDS Tolerance
  • Stem Canker Resistant
  • Good Frogeye Tolerance
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