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CropTalk: 2020 PFR Proven

February 2021

Published on Monday, February 1, 2021

Another season of Practical Farm Research (PFR)® data is in the books. Naturally, the first section I check out is the PFR Proven™ section. This section is very important when it comes to making decisions on your operation. For a product or practice to earn the PFR Proven title, it must be tested at multiple locations for a minimum of three years. In each of the three years, it must provide a positive yield gain each and every year and average a positive ROI over the combined years of research.




Precision Planting LLC: Conceal 2x2x2 system (Corn): This trial compares liquid UAN at the following rates: 30 units, 60 units 2x2x2 applied through Conceal vs. 30 units 2x2 (control). Over three years of testing Conceal, it has provided a 6.1 Bu./A. increase at the 60 unit rate vs. the control. Of the systems we have tested, it is the lightest and most compact. When installed on a 16-row planter at a $4.00 Bu./A. corn price, it takes 584 acres to pay off the Conceal system based on our research data.

AgFocus LLC: FastTrac™ (Corn/Soybeans): This closing wheel system has provided a 2.4 Bu./A. increase in corn and a 1.0 Bu./A. increase in soybeans. These increases have been consistent across our research trials. I believe you may see increased results on your farm if you have tough/variable conditions.

Population vs. Nitrogen Rate (Corn): When populations are increased, is there a need to apply a higher amount of nitrogen (N)? Our data below suggests over three growing seasons an increase in N isn’t necessary with increased populations. Different growing seasons and conditions might warrant a higher N rate.

Fungicide Time of Day (Corn/Soybeans): Does it pay to spray fungicide earlier in the day vs. later in the day? In fact, it does. However, I don’t believe we should stop applying fungicide once we get past lunchtime. This is because we still see ROI increases with late afternoon fungicide applications in both crops. The data shown below proves it is most profitable to spray in the morning.

Foliar Time and Temperature (Soybeans): This data indicates it is more profitable to spray a foliar micronutrient product in the morning. Unlike fungicide time of day, when spraying a foliar feed the applications should conclude before 3 p.m.

Fungicide Carrier Rate (Corn): Our data indicates that a carrier rate of 15 to 20 gallons provides the best ROI. The 20 gal./A. rate might cause some logistical challenges on your operation. If possible, I recommend using at least 15 gal./A.

The chart below contains the remainder of the 2020 PFR Proven products that can be used throughout the season. This concludes the PFR Proven class of 2020. I encourage you to look at the 2020 PFR book. If you have questions, feel free to contact any of our PFR, agronomy, or sales team members.

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