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January 2021

Published on Monday, January 4, 2021

Love God. Love people. Live design. That is the motto of Freedom International Ministries, and it’s one that has significant meaning to the Beck family and many of our employees.

In 2019, the Beck Family announced their new program, which would allow team members to share the Word of God with the children in the bateyes of the Dominican Republic. This opportunity is offered to employees to challenge their personal and spiritual growth, broaden their perspective of cross-cultural influence, and nurture a spirit of humility in their daily living.

Shantel Beck, who has had a deep passion for serving all her life, had a vision for incorporating missions into Beck’s culture for quite some time. Her vision became a reality in 2019 when the Beck Family announced their new program, allowing team members to share the Word of God with the children in the bateyes of the Dominican Republic. Thanks to the generosity of the Beck family and Beck’s leadership team, Beck’s employees and their families are given the opportunity each year to serve on this mission trip to the Dominican Republic through Freedom International Ministries.

“At Beck’s, we want to see positive culture and growth in people’s lives,” said Shantel, who went on the first two trips in 2019. “That growth comes in a variety of ways. We focus on sending people to conferences to help them grow in their leadership skills, but leadership stems from character. To invest in them on the spiritual side of things is an important piece that may have been missing in the culture here. It all works together.”

But the generosity and support that the Beck family and family of employees have shown to Freedom extend far beyond the borders of the Dominican Republic. From those who have been lucky enough to experience Freedom International Ministries first-hand to those who lend support from home, many of our employees and their family members are doing what they can to join in the cause.

Matt Feder, previous sales support manager of our Olivia, MN facility, joined the October 2019 trip to Freedom International Ministries – his first-ever mission trip. When he called home from Freedom during his trip, he told his wife that God had been speaking to his heart. That trip inspired Matt, his wife Angela, and their four daughters to commit to moving to the Dominican Republic to begin a new journey as missionaries. You can read more about their story on Beck's blog.

Many other employees and their families have chosen to continue their missionary work by sponsoring a child or a classroom annually or contributing to individual missionaries living and serving the children in the bateyes. Jenna Noah, who's visited Freedom International through her church and with Beck's, on why she continues to be involved with Freedom:

“As a volunteer, you go on these trips thinking about how you're going to help the students and the mission, but you don't think about your own potential transformation. Every trip, I've experienced immense personal growth. And I saw that happen with Matt. That's why I choose to support the Feder's as they become full time missionaries. The mission field doesn't end when you leave the DR.”

To learn more about donating to this amazing cause, visit

In addition to providing employees with this one-of-a-kind opportunity, the Beck family extended their generosity in 2020 by hosting a Freedom International Sweepstakes. Over a span of two-anda- half months, through the kindness of thousands of entrants, more than $31,500 was raised for Freedom International Ministries through this sweepstakes.

“It is a step of faith to believe that God’s provision is not from a place of getting, but from a heart of giving. I am honored to be able to support this ministry and am thankful for all the wonderful supporters of the Beck Foundation and its causes,” said Shantel Beck. The Sweepstakes winner, Jim Stammen, and his family have been Beck’s seed dealers for 26 years. When notifying Jim that he had won, his first response was, “I never win anything, but it pays to be generous and give to people in need, even if you don’t win. We appreciate that the money is going to a good cause.” The Stammen family was awarded a 2019 Polaris General 1000 – Premium.

To learn more about Freedom International Ministries, their purpose, and how you can get involved, go to

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