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Why I Farm: Behind The Movement

The Real Definition of Farming by Megan Ashby

Published on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What if someone asked you, "what is your definition of farming?" What would your answer be? Could you define it? Sometimes the definition of farming is hard to put into words. And it's going to mean something different to each of us. But that is what makes it special. While definitions may differ, the end goal is the same - helping to feed others.

Today, we'd like to share a poem that an 11-year-old farm girl wrote one Saturday afternoon, all on her own. 

The Real Definition of Farming
By Megan Ashby

If I were to say "farming." What would pop into your head?
Is it a rooster going cock-a-doodle-doo?
Maybe a tractor in a field?
Or possibly a cow going moo?

Whatever it is, I'm sure that there's more to it than that.
Because farming, as it is now,
Isn't so much as plows, cows, and sows,
As it is beakers, speakers, and job seekers.

Times are changing.
We didn't use to have GPS on our tractors.
Or even herbicides and fertilizers.
Though weather was still a factor.

Nor did we have crop insurance.
Or even tractors with air conditioned cabs
We didn't have loans, phones, or drones,
Nor did we have so many files with so many tabs.

Why change it all to change it yet again?
I believe that there are an endless amount of reasons.
Such as producing new technology,
Or just to change with the seasons.

Maybe it's because we want something new,
Or possibly because it will redevelop farming so it's easier or better.
Maybe we just do it because we can,
Or to insure that 'done' is what we're gettin'er.

Many people believe that farming isn't worth it.
That doing the same things in the same order every year would be boring.
In some ways they're right, and in some ways they're totally wrong.
And I'll admit that some days I just want to roll over and keep snoring.

But farmers have a job;
We have to feed this great nation and more.
My backyard feeds America,
How 'bout yours?


Megan Ashby lives on a farm in Camden, Indiana with her dad, mom and big brother, Scott. She is 11 years old and loves reading, her 4-H calves, and crafting. Megan plans to become a large animal veterinarian when she grows up.


After reading her poem, Megan's parents were totally impressed with her understanding and fluency of writing. They wanted to share it to help others understand why they farm.

We were equally impressed with Megan's poem and hope it can inspire you to write your own! Add your comment below, what is your definition of farming?





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4 comments on article "Why I Farm: Behind The Movement"

Liz hiler

1/13/2016 6:24 PM

Well said Megan...we are all proud of you....Olivia loves your poem too!!!

Beth Snoeberger

1/13/2016 9:38 PM

Wonderful Job Megan! Pretty powerful words and so true! Keep up the good writing and anxious to read more.

Cathy Ayres

1/14/2016 3:41 PM

Very nice poem, Megan! Looking forward to seeing the impact you make on agriculture in the future.

Stephanie Olsen

1/14/2016 11:31 PM

I love this poem Megan. So proud of you and your writing abilities!

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