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CropTalk: It’s About Farmers, NOT Shareholders

October 2020

Published on Thursday, October 1, 2020

It's too good to be true. It sounds like a gimmick.

Many farmers have these sentiments when they first hear about Beck’s Commitment Rewards program, but how do those feelings change as they begin to take advantage of the program?

This summer, I interviewed a few Beck’s customers who have received Commitment Rewards items over the years, and we will be sharing some of their thoughts in upcoming editions of CropTalk. First up is Jerry Steimel from Waterloo, Iowa.

Tell me about your farm.

“My grandfather six generations up bought this farm one year after Iowa became a state — it has been in the family name for 157 years. It’s mostly just a part-time hired guy who helps out in the spring and fall and me. I’ve been a Beck’s customer for about six years.”

What Commitment Rewards items did you receive?

“I received a table saw at first, and then as I got more and more into it, the big item I chose three years ago was the Wilson 42 ft. grain trailer. The trailer that I had was getting old and worn out. It made sense to go that way and get a piece of machinery I really did need. I just got the trailer paid off, and now I am purchasing a used Brent grain cart with the help of Commitment Rewards. I was surprised that Beck’s was willing to step up and pay the majority of it. When it is all said and done after three years, I will pay one-fifth of what that grain cart is worth. And on the grain trailer, I think I paid not even a third of what the value was.”

What were your initial thoughts on Commitment Rewards?

Getting free gloves, coats, and caps — everybody gets that. But when it got to the more expensive equipment, I thought, ‘this is a really good deal.’ When my dealer said I could get a new Wilson or Timpte trailer from Beck’s and he showed me the numbers, I said, what’s the catch? I thought, after three years of paying for this, Beck’s would take it back because they own it. My dealer said no — after three years, it is yours to keep. So, my initial thought was that it was too good to be true.”

How did your feelings about the program change over time?

“Last summer, when I went and toured the Beck’s facility and met Scott and Sonny, I thought these guys are the real deal – they are doing this to help out farmers and their productivity. I could tell they honestly wanted to give me that trailer to improve my farm and my life. It’s not a ripoff. It’s not something where they are trying to get more customers in by doing some bait and switch. It really was that good of a deal, and it was guys just trying to help out their farmers.”

How has Commitment Rewards helped your operation?

“Commitment Rewards has improved my line of machinery right from the start. Having that grain trailer was an improvement. Now that I am getting a grain cart through Beck’s, it’s just going to increase the efficiency of getting grain out of the field again. It’s great value, and it is helping my operation where it needed help the most.

After just two years of using the Commitment Rewards program with Beck’s, it freed up enough money that I could use that cash and build a new shed. Without Commitment Rewards, I doubt I would have considered putting up a building like that. But now that I have it, it is great.”

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Author: Ashley Heyen

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