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Warm Weather Crappie

Published on Monday, September 14, 2015

Now that Beck’s has expanded into the state of Missouri I thought it would be appropriate to welcome our new Show-Me State team members and customers by making sure you know about the best warm weather crappie bite in the country.

I have never been a big fish eater, but that is slowly starting to change. Now don’t get me wrong, I never hated fish it was just not on my “top ten” list of favorite foods. Last year however, crappie made it onto that list.

All my life I have known how much my friends and family love to eat crappie. I have given away literally thousands of these fish over the years. Now I make sure I get a mess of crappie for Nancy and myself as often as possible.

My best crappie trip last year was in the midst of the heat wave we had last summer. I traveled to Truman Lake in west-central Missouri. My trip was accidentally timed to absolute perfection. I arrived on a Wednesday evening with a plan to fish for crappie on Thursday morning with Truman Lake’s top guide, Jeff Faulkenberry. Jeff works at Bucksaw Marina

I have stayed at resorts all across the country during my travels as an outdoor writer. None even come close to the outstanding service and accommodations at Bucksaw. The features I really appreciated most are the rooms you can reserve right off the dock. You can literally step right out of your room and into the boat. It is amazingly convenient.

Stepping right of my room and into the boat at Bucksaw Marina is a truly convenient pleasure.  
(Photo by Jeff Faulkenberry)


The method for the morning was to use a technique call “long poling”. This was new to me since the vast majority of my crappie fishing usually involved watching a bobber. I was anxious to see and learn this method.

Very long, thin light rods and tiny reels make long poling a blast. No float or bobber is involved. Once you determine the depth at which the fish are feeding, you merely put out that much line. You can use this technique with either jigs or minnows. We were using minnows on that day.

We dropped the trolling motor in a stump field where dozens of trees were sticking out of the water. We slowly moved from tree to tree dropping our baits around each of them. With the long poles we were able to fish two or three stumps at the same time. It seemed as though there were three or four fish on each tree. The crappie were all at least a foot or more in size.

With a 15-crappie limit, we were looking for 30 quality fish. In the process of keeping our limit we caught and released, at best, that many more. We were back at Bucksaw by 9:00 a.m. My friends donated their fillets to my cooler so I brought home a huge mess of crappie that was shared with friends and family.

The success warm weather crappie fishing brings at Truman Lake. 
(Photo courtesy of Mike Roux)

So before summer fades away, be sure to call Bucksaw Marina on Truman Lake to schedule a crappie trip with Jeff Faulkenberry.

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Jim Ball

9/15/2015 4:21 PM

Love both Bucksaw and Truman lake. One of my favorite honey holes. Been a while since I visited need to revisit and catch some slabbers!

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