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CropTalk: New Corn PFR Proven™ Products and Practices

February 2020

Published on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

After the excitement of the new year, one way we can continue the “new” theme is to give you our brand new PFR Proven™ products and practices for corn. We already revealed some information last month about soybeans, so what’s new in the PFR Proven world of corn? Ding, ding, ding! Eighteen products and practices is the answer, so let’s take a look!

Closing Wheels and Closing Wheel Systems
The Yetter Poly Twisters and the Schaffert Mohawk™ wheels have officially gained PFR Proven status with three years of accumulated data. The Schaffert 4-link Closer with walking axle is now PFR Proven as well. (Figure 1.)

2x2x2 Systems
The world of 2x2x2 applications is exciting with more manufacturers introducing their own versions each year. We now have PFR Proven data for the Martin Dual UMO and the Yetter Dual 2968 systems, as both have shown enough merit over a three-year period. The graph below details each systems acres to payoff. (Figure 2.)

In-Furrow Products
Several in-furrow products, including feed grade dextrose, eXceed™ Nano Brown Sugar, MicroCarb ZMB™, and Nanozyme 2.0 have all gained the nod as products that meet the PFR Proven standards.

Foliar Products
The 2019 class now includes MicroBoost™, Phosfix™, Nanozyme 2.0, feed grade dextrose, and eXceed™ Nano Brown Sugar for V4 applications.

Delaro® applications at R1 was the only fungicide on corn that gained PFR Proven status in 2019. Last, but not least, Feast® Side-Kick™ and making foliar nutrition applications at 8 a.m. versus 3 p.m. are also in the class of 2019.

With such a plethora of new PFR Proven products and practices, let’s make 2020 the best season yet! Check out the 2019 PFR Proven products online at

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