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CropTalk: Winning For A Good Cause

June 2019

Published on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Your phone rings. It’s a number you don’t recognize, but you answer anyway. On the other end, you hear a voice say, “Congratulations! You are the winner of the We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund Sweepstakes!”

This was a real-life scenario for two Midwest farmers who had a little luck on their side.

Paul Foran and Cody Boothe were the winners of this year’s We Care for Orphans Sweepstakes. Foran won the Polaris RZR XP® Turbo, and Boothe’s raffle ticket was drawn for the Polaris General® 4 1000 EPS Ride Command Edition. Scott and Shantel Beck, founders of the We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund, handed them the keys to their respective vehicles at Beck’s State of the Company address in March.

Foran is a Beck’s seed dealer from central Illinois. He had participated in past sweepstakes, but said this was the biggest win he has had to date. “When I donated money a few times for the raffle, I never thought I was going to win anything,” said Foran. “It’s money going to a good cause, and that is what it is all about. That’s what Beck’s is all about, too – helping people, whether it’s farmers or families.”

He plans to have a lot of fun with his new Polaris RZR, a big kid toy he has always wanted.

In addition to using his Polaris for work on his cattle farm in Ohio, Boothe also plans to have some fun with it. He looks forward to taking his four grandkids for rides – a feat which will likely earn him a “best grandpa ever” award.

“My wife and I are retired school teachers, and I also worked as a guidance counselor,” said Boothe. “We’ve worked with kids most of our lives, and we did our best to help kids any way that we could, so I feel great that the money raised in the sweepstakes is going to help kids find loving families.”

Winning is great, but winning for a cause is even better. Thanks to the donations made by Foran, Boothe and many other generous people, including Beck’s employees, dealers, and customers, the We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund raised $31,970.00. One-hundred percent of that money will be used to help families cover the financial burden of adoption.

Scott and his wife Shantel established the adoption fund, sponsored by the Beck Foundation, in 2011 after going through the adoption process themselves. Realizing the financial resources necessary to adopt, Scott and Shantel felt God call them to do something more. That calling has led to mobilizing more than $1.6 million to help loving families give orphans the opportunity for a better life. Thanks to the adoption fund, 370 children from 36 different countries, including the U.S., have been adopted.

“There are hundreds of families that desire to adopt children, but are unable to because of the financial resources required,” said Shantel Beck. “After Scott and I went through the process of adoption, we felt a calling to help others adopt. We sincerely thank the folks who helped make this happen, including the Beck's family of employees, dealers, and customers. Your contributions will help orphans around the world find homes with loving families. Congratulations to the winners, Paul and Cody, and thank you to everyone who made this sweepstakes possible.”

To those that entered the contest, but did not win, remember that your contribution will help a child in need get a major life win. That feels even better than winning yourself, right? Stay tuned for future fundraising efforts.

To learn more about the organization:

If you’d like to donate:

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