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Audio Interview with Tom Beck, LibertyLink Comparison, Weed ID

Published on Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Audio Interview with Tom Beck
This week I had a chance to visit with Tom Beck, a Beck’s customer, near Ridgeville Corners, Ohio. I interviewed Tom in Defiance County, Ohio from his combine cab, as he harvested his last field.



                                                              Ohio farmer, Tom Beck.

In this clip we talked about:
- Yields and weather in NW Ohio
- Weed control and LibertyLink®
- LibertyLink® soybeans versus the glyphosate tolerant system
- Soybean population

Click here to listen to the full audio clip!

LibertyLink® Cost Comparison
This discussion with Tom brought up a topic that I receive a lot of questions about.

“How does the cost of LibertyLink® compare to glyphosate tolerant herbicides?”
I put together a chart to compare the two system costs. Attached is an Excel spreadsheet comparing the LibertyLink® system to glyphosate tolerant soybean herbicide costs. The sheet is a calculator, so feel free to adjust and put your numbers and herbicides you use into the spreadsheet.

Download the Spreadsheet

The key thing this chart doesn’t tell you is that Liberty® herbicide KILLS resistant weeds that Roundup® no longer controls such as marestail, waterhemp, and Palmer amaranth. These three weeds are present in Ohio, and growing in number. Palmer amaranth has a wide window of emergence, just like marestail, which makes using residual herbicides and mode of actions that are strong on these weeds very important.

Download Quick Identification of Pigweed/Amaranth in Ohio

Marestail Identification
Notice the hairy leaves and stem. Marestail is easy for most of us to identify when it is four feet tall and fully flowered, but here are some pictures to identify marestail when it is small (rosette stage) along with pictures of weeds I’ve seen people confuse it with.


Field Pennycress Identification


Shepherd's Purse Identification


Annual Fleabane Identification


Purple Deadnettle Identification


Chickweed Identification





Liberty® and LibertyLink® are registered trademarks of Bayer.

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