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We Rise by Lifting Others

Published on Friday, July 13, 2018

My favorite quote is, “we rise by lifting others” by Robert Ingersoll. Lifting others can mean a variety of things, like being a positive, encouraging presence in another person’s life. Or perhaps it’s sharing knowledge with someone or enriching their life in some way. Maybe it’s helping someone become a better version of themselves. No matter the words you choose to describe this saying, they’ll all revolve around building others up, which unintentionally allows you to grow yourself. Recently, the interns here at Beck’s experienced how this company lifts its employees up and, in turn, itself.

A few weeks ago, all 23 Beck’s interns came back together in Atlanta, IN for a two-day Intern Professional Development Workshop to help expand our intern experience and develop us as young professionals along the way. We were also given the opportunity to give back to the local community and took some time to socialize and have a little fun. While it was certainly a jam-packed two days, we all had a blast growing as individuals and as a group.


For many interns, this was our first opportunity to meet one another due to

different start dates and working at different Beck’s location.

We started out by catching each other up on how our summers have gone. Since Beck’s interns are spread throughout the Midwest, we aren’t always aware of what everyone is up to. We learned about other interns’ summer projects, the experiences they’ve had, and what their day-to-day is like. We were also encouraged to share the highs and the lows of our experiences, something we weren’t all prepared for. Some were even shocked that we were asked to share things we didn’t necessarily enjoy in our internships, but we were reminded that the purpose of an internship is to help us find out what we might want to do in the future. Part of having internships means ruling careers out too. We were pushed to seek out other experiences with Beck’s during the remainder of our summer, like asking a supervisor for a new project or shadowing someone in a position that we don’t typically work with. Internships are meant to be unique and fit the needs and wants of a company, while also giving an intern the opportunity to learn and find their fit – something Beck’s really encourages!

Prior to our workshop, we took a short test that was part of the DiSC assessment. Afterwards, we were given a profile that offered insight into our personality and behavior. This allowed us to learn so much about ourselves and how we operate in the workplace. We even discussed ways that we can interact with others of different personality types to better communicate with them and create a positive work environment. Every employee at Beck’s takes part in this assessment, which enables everyone with the knowledge of how to work with coworkers using interactions they respond best to. For example, as a D personality type, I can be blunt in my interactions with others and they might perceive that as me being upset or angry towards them. I learned new ways to interact with others to help diminish that feeling and more effectively communicate with them. Many people walked away with a better understanding of themselves and even called this their favorite session of the workshop.


Ashley Schultz, Education Lead for Beck’s, taught us about our DiSC

profiles and how they correlate to working with others.

With a theme of “building relationships,” four employees from different areas of Beck’s came together to create a panel and allowed us to ask any questions we wanted. From advice for current college students to finding a mentor, and from the most challenging part of their career to how they build relationships with others in the workplace, we were able to pick their brains on a multitude of topics. It was nice to hear real stories, from real people, about real life experiences. We walked away with tons of advice, recommendations and ideas for how we can set ourselves up for success in our future careers.

We also spent time discussing interviews, resumes and social media. During the interview session, we learned how our fellow interns would answer certain interview questions and then heard feedback on the response. We also learned underrated tips and tricks on first impressions, but the biggest piece of advice we walked away with was to simply be ourselves. In an interview we all want to showcase our best attributes, but we need to do so by remaining true to who we are. While discussing resumes, we took a poor example and then pin pointed exactly how it could be improved. It was a great chance to hear insights about what a company looks for in a resume and how we, as young professionals, can best highlight ourselves on our own. We also learned how social media can directly impact our careers and discussed ways to clean up current social media accounts and how we can showcase our best selves in the future. Plus, we learned more about how companies use social media as a recruitment and research tool for potential employees and how we can stand out.

A meaningful part of our workshop was having the opportunity to give back to the local community. We worked with Habitat for Humanity to help two families in Cicero, Indiana improve their homes. Split into two groups, one worked to strip old siding from one house and the other cleaned a roof and gutters, chipped off old paint and landscaped around the other home. In less than two hours, we were able to help local families with their home improvement projects through teamwork and a little elbow grease. It was great to be able to help others and make a difference in their lives.


23 interns + Habitat for Humanity + some hard work = renovated homes and happy families!

While Beck’s certainly invested quite a bit of time in us professionally over our two days of workshops, they also gave us an avenue to socialize with one another. Like Scott Beck says in this Why I Farm video, “when you work hard, you can play hard.” We travelled to Top Golf Fishers for some friendly competition and delicious food. Between all of us, we had a variety of levels of expertise. There were those who had clear talent with a golf club in their hand, and then there were those who hadn’t swung a club since the fourth grade in gym class (me). No matter the level of skill or athletic ability we possessed, we all had a blast. It was also a great opportunity for everyone to work together and help those with less experience learn the game. By the end of the evening, those of us who were beginners had certainly stepped up our game thanks to our fellow interns who helped show us the ropes. We were even hitting the targets over 100 yards away! While I personally don’t think I have a career as a professional golfer in my future, I did gain an appreciation for the game and had a great time socializing with the other interns.


Top Golf was the perfect place for everyone to get to know one another a

little more – with a healthy dose of competition added in!

The Intern Professional Development Workshop further proved to me that Beck’s truly cares about their interns and wants to see them succeed. It also reiterated that Beck’s believes in helping their interns to become better versions of themselves. This company is certainly a positive presence in our everyday lives. But through this workshop, they also spent time enriching our lives with professional networking and information. We had ample opportunity to discuss the projects we’re working on, build relationships with interns and numerous full-time employees, and we found ourselves becoming better professionals along the way. After spending two months here at Beck’s, it was great to be able to experience another side of the company and the investments they make in developing their employees, something that is a never-ending process. Beck’s believes that by continuously helping their employees to grow, they in turn become a better company, something I couldn’t agree with more. We may be in the homestretch of our internships, but my fellow interns and I are excited to apply all that we learned over the course of these two days as we finish out our summer with Beck’s!


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