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Work Hard, Play Hard

Published on Monday, August 25, 2014

Work hard. Play hard. I’ve heard Scott Beck talk about his dad Sonny raising them this way. Hard work is important! Taking time to relax is equally important!

I haven't always been able to do this. In fact, several years ago I was completely unable to get my mind off of work while on vacation. But now, in my 40’s, I’m realizing that my family is not going to remember me for my successes at work. They will remember time with me and the memories we made together.

Others will remember me for the impact that I have on them, be it good or bad. I strive to have more good than bad. This past month or so has, for me, been about hard work, fun and some good stories on the road of not only a traveling salesman, but a father. 

I wanted to make a memory with my two boys that they’d never forget. So, I took them to my favorite gator hunting honey hole…GatorQuest.


As you can see, teenagers today are extremely attached to their phones. Here we are, getting ready for their first airboat ride and they are where? On their phones! Now, in their defense, I think they were getting their phone’s video camera ready to roll. But, I bet they checked Instagram real quick first. 


The hunt was a success, with both boys harvesting 7ft. gators! If you are a hunter, then you understand the memories that were made on this adventure. David and Colton Mills, Robert Albriton, and Brother Turner create memories second to none in Arcadia, FL at GatorQuest. Check out their Facebook page if you get time. 

Later in the month, real work began again. Over 50 salespeople from Beck’s headed north for a three day hiatus to the great state of Iowa. With Beck’s westward expansion into Iowa and purchase of a Pioneer production plant at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, we were all anxious to meet the very welcoming Iowa farmers. Much like my typical seed selling travels, I was able to find some curious things along the way.

In a past blog I included a picture of the toilet mailbox. In Iowa, apparently they like their junk mail put in the airmail box. 


Then we drove through the town that celebrates Ridiculous Days. What?! I was compelled to turn around and take a picture. What is Ridiculous Days? I still am not sure. But, I found this house in the town that was about to celebrate.


Looks pretty ridiculous to me! A mustache house! :)

We also found out that Iowa has different classes of service roads. Level C roads are not recommended to be taken. They look a little more like a farm lane to me. 


The salesman that I was riding with also was bit by a dog and I was pooped on by a bird! These seem to be the normal occurrences in the life of a traveling salesman.

On another note: The farmers in Iowa were very welcoming! All of us thoroughly enjoyed meeting them. Everyone needs choices. Beck’s is going to be the independent and unbiased choice that Iowa growers deserve. That trip was very successful. Many new dealers were signed up and trained just yesterday by our education department.

As I look back over the past month, I can’t help but notice how the growth at Beck’s continues. And it’s because of you, our farmers. Without your trust, loyalty and support, none of this would be possible.

It is the American farmer we serve. It is the American farmer that provides for us. It is the American farmer that many times gives me funny stories. And it is the American farmer that ALWAYS makes memories for me and allows me to make memories with my family. God bless the American Farmer!

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2 comments on article "Field Stories"


2/8/2016 3:12 AM

I grew up in Tipton. The mustache house in Tipton, Ia was painted like that for fun, not really for Ridiculous days.. The owners Candace and Chase Scott wanted to have some fun before they resided it the following summer. Also, Ridiculous days are when store in Tipton have tons of sales, usually held the same weekend in August as tax exempt weekend for school supplies. Store owners use to dress ridiculously and hold sales, so some of the tradition stuck.

Keira Scott

6/8/2018 1:52 PM

I'm the daughter of Chase and Candace, and it most definitely was because we were going to reside it. My mother has a friend who said, jokingly, "You should paint a mustache on your house!" And my mom said, "You know what, you're right!" We had a large party of 30-35 people. The mustache is still there and is a time capsule for the next person who resides the house to find!

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