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Row Width and Populations in Double Crop Soybeans

Published on Wednesday, August 02, 2017

In this latest PFR Report, I am joined by Tyler Kilfoil as we report from the Row Width and Populations in Double Crop Soybeans study at Beck’s PFR site in Indiana.

In this study, we are comparing drilled soybeans in 7.5 in rows to a 15 in. row spacing to determine what the economic optimum seeding rate is for soybeans in a double crop situation.

The goal in a double crop scenario is to get as quick of canopy closure as possible with the shortened growing season. So theoretically, the higher the population, the more competition there is in row so the soybeans tend to grow taller and faster as they compete with each other. In years past, Beck’s multi-location data suggests that the EONR for double crop soybeans in 15 in. rows is 260,000 plants/A.

Check out this video to learn more about this study, the unique additions we have made to it this year, and what the team expects to see this fall.


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Author: Travis Burnett

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