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Agronomy Talk: Harvesting Down Corn

Author: Jon Skinner

Harvesting downed corn is one of the worst jobs on the farm. Year in and year out, there are many abiotic stresses or plant pathogens that will affect standability and ease of harvesting a corn crop. One of the most prevalent issues causing decreased standability of corn is the presence of crown rot and stalk rots. These diseases take advantage of compromised stalk tissue, and degrading it below the ear causing lodging and stalk breakage. There are, however, ways to improve the process of harvesting downed corn that can make it much smoother.

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Agronomy Talk: Stalk Rot in Corn

Author: Eric Wilson

There are numerous stalk rots that affect corn in mid to late season. Weather, nutrition and genetic disease tolerance all play major parts in the disease cycle. Plants move nutrients from the stalks to the ears during grain fill. High yields mean heavier ears. These two phenomena combined can make stalk quality issues a problem even in very high-yielding areas.

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Agronomy Update

Stalk Rot in Corn? Time to Prioritize Harvest!

Author: Austin Scott

Harvest time is finally here and for most of us in the South, this will be the year to forget! Parts of Tennessee encountered the worst drought we’ve seen since 2012. On the other end of the spectrum, parts of Kentucky, southern Indiana, and southern Illinois caught more rain than they could handle for most of the year. The Missouri Bootheel couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted to be too dry or too wet! All of these crazy environmental conditions have led to some serious standability issues in our corn. Just about every corn field I’ve been in recently has shown signs of premature death and stalk rot. This is something we see every year, but some years are worse than others and may require a little more planning before harvest.

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Agronomy Update

Crown Rot in Ohio Corn Fields

Author: Alex Johnson

This week I wanted to give a quick update on the crown rot that I am seeing in corn fields this year. Crown rot is caused by early wet conditions followed by a stress later in the season. Crown rots, stalk rots and cannibalization can affect standability. Therefore, these fields should be prioritized for early harvest. Check out the video to learn more!

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