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Agronomy Talk: Weed Identification and Compaction Issues

Author: Austin Scott

Can you pick a palmer from a redroot? 

Weeds are off to the races this season and the first, and most important step to controlling broadleaf weeds is correct identification.


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Agronomy Talk: Spring Burndown

Author: Luke Schulte

Weed competition at planting can reduce yields. As temperatures start to increase, weeds will flourish, and you will be faced with a short timeline to complete field operations. While it may be tempting to begin planting as soon as possible, it is important to make sure weeds are managed prior to planting. Attempting to control weeds after planting can interfere with your planting operations and create competition with the emerging crop for sunlight, moisture, and nutrients, reducing yields. As weeds continue to grow, they become more difficult to control.

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Ohio - Alex Johnson, CCA

Thoughts Prior to Harvest

Author: Alex Johnson

One tendency among farmers with rotor combines is to run the rotor too slow. This grinds material more, moves material slower, and produces more fines to clean out. If the concave is too far open or closed, it can break grain. Book settings will normally get you pretty close when setting your combine.

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S. Illinois - Jonathan Perkins, CCA

Pre-harvest Weed Observations

Wow, what a year 2015 has been! We have now gone from one extreme to the next in areas of southern Illinois. As we enter September and move into harvest, there are some things to take note of out in the field before/as the combine rolls. The biggest observation I have made from the truck is how many weeds are poking up out of fields. This season, some fields did not get timely post applications due to the weather, resulting in waterhemp and other glyphosate resistant weeds rearing their ugly heads. The shining stars this year are the LibertyLink® soybean fields, in particular the fields that had timely pre-applications followed by timely post applications!

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Agronomy Update

Watch out for Waterhemp

Author: Alex Johnson

Keep an eye out for this weed! I’ve found waterhemp in many parts of the state, not just western Ohio.

As I have been asking farmers about this weed, I have estimated that over 90 percent of them don’t know how to identify it. It appears that we are in a similar position this year with waterhemp as we were with marestail five to seven years ago.

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