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Ohio - Alex Johnson, CCA

Frequent Rains Causing Yellowing, Water Damage & Nitrogen Loss

Author: Alex Johnson

Frequent rains have made the 2015 growing season very challenging. Yellow corn and soybeans are something many farmers in Ohio are tired of looking at. As I’ve walked fields, I’ve seen increased disease pressure in corn and soybeans that came in even earlier than last year. These include gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and anthracnose in corn and frogeye leaf spot and septoria brown spot in soybeans. In many fields, disease was of secondary concern due to water damage and nitrogen loss.

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Agronomy Update

Water Damage and Spraying Soybeans

Author: Alex Johnson

Standing water from excessive rainfall this month has left some Ohio crops in a bad spot. Here are some of my favorite pictures from across our region. In all seriousness, the wet June conditions could contribute to a number of potential concerns including nitrogen loss, stunting, crazy top, and crop death.

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