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Agronomy Update: Tissue Testing in Corn and Soybeans

Author: Eric Wilson

Do you know how, when, and where should you tissue test? Do you know how to handle your samples once you pull them? What should you be thinking about when evaluating the results? 

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Agronomy Update

Corn and Soybean Tissue Testing

Author: Alex Johnson

Tissue testing is one of the best tools in our agronomy toolbox as farmers. It is useful for progressive farmers who want to evaluate nutrient uptake in their crop or diagnose problem areas. Tissue testing can also help you determine if your crops are getting the secondary and micronutrients they need! So why is tissue testing important? If you find a nutrient deficiency in the plants, there is still time for foliar application to increase the yield of this year’s crop, or at least adjust your nutrient program for next year. In paying attention to the small details, you can push your yield barrier higher.

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