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NE Illinois and NW Indiana: Soybean Emergence Issues and Sulfur Deficiency in Corn

Author: Chad Kalaher

Soybean Emergence Issues
A large amount of soybeans were planted throughout the area May 7-12. Unfortunately, on May 14 the weather turned unseasonably cool and wet, with daily high temperatures only reaching the 50s for four consecutive days.

Sulfur Deficiency in Corn
Sulfur is an essential nutrient for crop production. Historically, however, sulfur has not been a common component of crop fertility programs. Sulfur has naturally been supplied through atmospheric deposition, manure application, and mineralization of organic matter.

Nitrification Inhibitors for Sidedressing Nitrogen (N)
Many growers are or will be sidedressing corn shortly. One question we often get this time of year is, “Do I use a nitrification inhibitor?” As is often the case, it is not an easy answer.

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