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N. Indiana and Michigan: Corn and Soybean Stand Establishment and Scouting Corn Insects

Author: Denny Cobb

Corn Stand Establishment
This past week drenched our region with 4 to 6 inches of rain, followed by cool if not cold temperatures. Corn that has germinated and/or emerged (young plants) should be okay.

Soybean Stand Establishment

Some of the same corn comments hold true for soybeans. About 30% of our area got their soybeans planted last week. Very few fields have emerged.

Stand Evaluations
By all means, when conditions and fields become fit and suitable for planting, plant the “unplanted” acres first! This will give any “challenged", earlier planted fields time to hopefully recover so a proper assessment can be made.

Corn Insects
--- Black Cutworm, Slugs, and Armyworm
--- Purple Corn

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