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Agronomy Update

Terminating Cover Crops

Author: Alex Johnson

​In this week's Agronomy Update, I wanted to highlight terminating cover crops. Our cover crop product lead, Ryan Moore, put together some great tips on this topic for me to share with you.

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Agronomy Update

E. Indiana and Ohio: Anhydrous Ammonia Application, Seed Spacing, and Terminating Cover Crops

Author: Mark Apelt

How long do I wait between applying anhydrous ammonia and planting?
Based on how the 2014 season is shaping up so far, we will be doing many field activities all at once. One question on many farmers mind is “How long do I need to wait between applying anhydrous (NH3) and planting?”

Uniform Seed Spacing for Maximum Yield-- How important is uniform seed spacing?
According to research from Purdue University-very important! Purdue looked at plant to plant spacing over a 6 year period and measured yield loss. They measured the plant to plant distance over a 30 foot area in 2-3 areas of a field.

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