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Agronomy Update

Nitrogen Studies and Rapid Growth Syndrome

Author: Alex Johnson

In this week’s Agronomy Update, Beck’s sales intern Rachel Garen and I take you through some of the exciting nitrogen research studies we are conducting here at the London, OH Practical Farm Research (PFR)® site. I have also been experiencing numerous calls and made a number of field visits across the state of Ohio, which have rendered comparisons of yellow corn plants for many different reasons. One major cause of yellowing corn plants is rapid growth syndrome, which is a result of both weather and hybrid variety.

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Agronomy Update

E. Indiana and Ohio: Sidedressing and Nitrogen Rates in Corn

Author: Mark Apelt

Do I use a nitrification inhibitor while sidedressing corn?
Many growers are or will be sidedressing corn shortly. One question we often get this time of year is, “Do I use a nitrification inhibitor?”

What is the optimum nitrogen rate in corn?
Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® has been conducting nitrogen (N) rate studies for the past five years. Over this period they have found that the Economic Optimum Nitrogen Rate is about 178 lbs./A. for corn after soybeans and 212 lbs./A. for corn after corn.

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