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Agronomy Update: Black Cutworm Pressure

Author: Austin Scott

Take a walk with Field Agronomist and Herbicide Specialist, Austin Scott, through a Tennessee corn field and learn more about increased black cutworm pressure.

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Agronomy Update

Field Conditions and Insect Report

Author: Denny Cobb

The extensive rain we have experienced throughout central Indiana has had significant impact on our crops. Below you will find sales intern Christy Kettler's scouting report for the week of June 8 which touches on what we are seeing in our fields as a result of the wet conditions, as well as the trap findings and what you can expect in the coming weeks.

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Agronomy Update

E. Indiana and Ohio: Water Ponding, Black Cutworm, and Crop Observations

Author: Mark Apelt

Water Ponding
According to NASS, there were 4.6 and 5.6 days suitable for field work in Ohio and Indiana, respectively. Several areas in both states received greater than 2” of rain this past weekend and water was ponding in several fields.

Black Cutworm
We need to be on the lookout for black cutworms cutting plants in the next week or so. Black cutworms do not overwinter in Ohio or Indiana but are blown in on storm fronts in April and May.

Crop Observations to Date
--- Emergence, temperatures, rotary hoeing and planting time

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