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What to Scout for in May

Author: David Hughes

May can be a busy month. Most of us are planting soybeans, post-spraying corn, spraying burndown ahead of beans, and/or checking on maturing wheat. We have a lot happening all at the same time.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of the things I keep an eye on and field scout for during this busy month. My intent with this article is not to give you a “how-to” for each of these, but rather to let you know what you should be looking for and thinking about from a crop diagnostic perspective.

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N. Indiana & Michigan - Denny Cobb, CPAG

Restoring Soil Health After Harvest

Author: Denny Cobb

As harvest progresses, you will see yield variabilities that are unparalleled. For many farmers, this will be a first time experience! You will see hybrids and varieties respond with wide yield swings. Just about any stress you can think of has shown up in our region this growing season. Rainfall intensity and frequent occurrences, planting delays, nitrogen losses, and compaction are the big four. Any one, or a combination of these, will hinder product performance this year.

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Ohio - Alex Johnson, CCA

Frequent Rains Causing Yellowing, Water Damage & Nitrogen Loss

Author: Alex Johnson

Frequent rains have made the 2015 growing season very challenging. Yellow corn and soybeans are something many farmers in Ohio are tired of looking at. As I’ve walked fields, I’ve seen increased disease pressure in corn and soybeans that came in even earlier than last year. These include gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and anthracnose in corn and frogeye leaf spot and septoria brown spot in soybeans. In many fields, disease was of secondary concern due to water damage and nitrogen loss.

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Agronomy Update

E. Indiana and Ohio: Nitrogen Loss and Wheat Update

Author: Mark Apelt

How much nitrogen are you losing?
Every year there are questions regarding nitrogen (N) loss from spring storms. This will cause some N loss, but exactly how much is not known. We can take an educated guess by understanding how N reacts in the soil.

Wheat Update
According to NASS, approximately 24% of Ohio and 43% of Indiana’s wheat is jointing. The further north you go, the more behind it is and therefore not jointing yet.

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