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Agronomy Talk: Corn and Soybean Early-Season Emergence

Author: Steve Gauck

So, you’ve planted your crops… now, how long do you need to wait for them to emerge?

A corn crop requires moisture to emerge, about 30 percent soil moisture at minimum. It also needs about 120 Growing Degree Days (GDD) accumulated.

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Agronomy Update

Hurry Up and Wait

Author: Mark Apelt

Many areas of Ohio turned dry towards the end of April and farmers were able to get their corn and soybeans into the ground at a good pace. In fact, the USDA projected that 42 percent of all corn and 14 percent of soybeans had been planted by April 30, 2017. Then…everything came to a screeching halt as frequent rainstorms have resulted in several inches of rain covering most of the state. 

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Agronomy Update

E. Indiana and Ohio: Fungicide, Planting Depth, and Unhealthy Emergence

Author: Mark Apelt

Protecting the Flag “Leaf”
In the next few weeks we will be approaching the time for fungicide applications on wheat. Applying fungicides at or immediately after flag leaf appearance provides the best protection against foliar diseases.

Do I Adjust Planting Depth?
Some farmers are thinking about shallowing up their planting depth to get the corn out of the ground quicker since it is getting a little later. Is this a good idea?

My Corn Has Emerged But is Yellow in Color
More than likely the corn planted so far is going to be colorful. Unfortunately, the color it is turning is not the healthy dark green we were expecting

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