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Herbicide and Weed Management Briefs

Author: Jim Schwartz

XtendFlex® provides farmers the opportunity to utilize an approved dicamba formulation such as XtendiMax® or Engenia®, as well as Liberty® and glyphosate. Though some of our problematic weeds are resistant to glyphosate, there are several that glyphosate remains highly effective against. Glyphosate is also strong on many of the weeds that Liberty is weak on, such as cocklebur, velvetleaf, and grasses. Growth regulators such as Engenia or XtendiMax will be highly effective on broadleaf weeds but have no activity on grasses. The XtendFlex system allows farmers the opportunity to utilize Engenia or XtendiMax in the pre-emerge or early post-emergence application, providing short-term residual with no potential crop response. An additional option could include applying Liberty, separately, in-season to control any escaped weeds.

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