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Ear and kernel development is a lengthy process for a corn plant. It begins at the V5 growth stage as the plant determines kernel rows around and then continues to V12 where the potential maximum length of the ear is determined. Next comes the pollination stages where the maximum number of kernels is established and then finally, R5 when the maximum kernel size is established.

Any stresses, natural or manmade, during this process, can lead to abnormal ear set. Many of the abnormal ears and their causes are detailed below. Accurate diagnosis of these abnormalities can help prevent future problems in the field.

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How Stressed Did Your Corn Get?

The stressful growing conditions we experienced over the last month are in the rear view and we are wrapping up what has been an ideal period of weather during pollination. But many are wondering how does drought and extreme heat (similar to what we’ve experienced) affect corn during its vegetative growth stages? For the sake of being objective, let’s take a look at a reliable resource to determine how critical the hot, dry conditions were to your area.

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