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Agronomy Talk: Late-Planted Corn

Author: Luke Schulte

Broad areas of the Corn Belt have experienced one of the most challenging planting season in recent memory. Farmers did what they do best, and bided their time for a planting window. Corn acres from South Dakota to Ohio were planted weeks later than what is typical. And while many farmers are already worn out from the extended planting season, most are more nervous about what’s to come.

The good news is that late planted acres still have great yield potential. If Mother Nature starts cooperating, this season has abundant hope of producing competitive yields.

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Prevent Plant Decision Discussion

Author: Jim Schwartz

Most farmers can't remember a planting season that has been any more challenging than 2019.

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Agronomy Talk: 10 Reasons Why You Should Stick To Your Planting Plan

Author: Luke Schulte

As the rain is delaying planting, many farmers are becoming concerned that their corn maturities are too long. In my opinion (based on facts), here are the Top 10 reasons why you should stick with your original plan.

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Agronomy Talk: Soybean Seeding Rate Considerations for Delayed Planting

Maximizing soybean yield is a simple concept…grow as many harvestable soybeans per acre as possible. What is not so simple is the complex dance we play with Mother Nature who has great influence over the best management decisions required to obtain maximum yields. For multiple years, Beck’s PFR has promoted increasing returns on investment (ROI) by lowering soybean seeding rates.

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Agronomy Talk: Delayed Planting Reminders - Stick With Your Plan!

Author: Jim Schwartz

Some areas of our marketing footprint have started planting and are slowly progressing while others have not yet started field operations. Here is some information to review as many of you may have questions regarding delayed planting and switching hybrids.

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Agronomy Update

Dealing with Delayed Planting or Replant?

Author: Chad Kalaher

In some areas, the window of opportunity for planting corn, and environmental conditions that followed, were not ideal for rapid germination and emergence. The cold soils and excessive rainfall we experienced shortly after planting has led to uneven emergence, delayed emergence, and an onset of seedling blights. We have also seen the use of rotary hoes in some areas with crusted soils. 

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