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Agronomy Update: Residual Herbicides for Use in Double Crop or High Biomass Situations

Author: Austin Scott

I recently attended Dr. Larry Steckel's University of Tennessee Weed Tour and I wanted to give you an update on a few of the new herbicide programs that are coming out that can be used in double crop or high biomass situations.

Check out the video below to see the difference in residual formulations from this cover crop termination study.

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Agronomy Update

What do Residual Herbicides Have to Do with Raising Higher-Yielding Soybeans?

Author: Alex Johnson

I’m writing this agronomy update in response to the question so many Beck’s customers have been asking. What do I do about residual herbicides on SOYBEANS this year? What makes a farmer ask this question? Most customers were happy with the weed control they saw in 2015 and are planning to use the same program in 2016. But others had soybeans that were stunted, which raised some concern.

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