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Tissue Sampling: Benefits and Tips

Do you have a field with a fairly large area that is showing signs of deficiency? Are you concerned that your crop may not be getting the nutrition it needs, even when you have adequate soil pH and test results? The symptoms of different nutrient deficiencies can look similar, and can’t always be distinguished visually out in the field.

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Agronomy Update

How Stressed Did Your Corn Get?

The stressful growing conditions we experienced over the last month are in the rear view and we are wrapping up what has been an ideal period of weather during pollination. But many are wondering how does drought and extreme heat (similar to what we’ve experienced) affect corn during its vegetative growth stages? For the sake of being objective, let’s take a look at a reliable resource to determine how critical the hot, dry conditions were to your area.

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Agronomy Update

Introducing Your New Beck's Eastern Iowa Field Agronomist

My name is Greg Shepherd and I am your new field agronomist in eastern Iowa. I am an Iowa boy, born and raised on a farm in west central Iowa. Nearly 12 years ago, we made our way to southeast Iowa and have put down roots on a family farm near Mt. Pleasant. My wife, Aimee and I have been richly blessed with our wonderful boys; Caleb (6), Silas (4), and Ethan (2). 

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