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Agronomy Talk: Stalk Rot in Corn

Author: Eric Wilson

There are numerous stalk rots that affect corn in mid to late season. Weather, nutrition and genetic disease tolerance all play major parts in the disease cycle. Plants move nutrients from the stalks to the ears during grain fill. High yields mean heavier ears. These two phenomena combined can make stalk quality issues a problem even in very high-yielding areas.

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Agronomy Update: Tissue Testing in Corn and Soybeans

Author: Eric Wilson

Do you know how, when, and where should you tissue test? Do you know how to handle your samples once you pull them? What should you be thinking about when evaluating the results? 

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Agronomy Update: Delayed Planting Hybrid Considerations

Author: Eric Wilson

With all the rain we have had in our area and more in the forecast, I know there have been some concerns about switching to earlier maturity hybrids. I have put together a quick summary of everything you need to know if your considering making the switch.

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