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Soybean Post Spray Reminders

Author: Luke Schulte

Today, it’s not nearly as simple to achieve adequate weed control in soybeans as it was 10 years ago. Weeds have evolved and herbicide resistance has created some considerable challenges over time. Below are a few reminders of management practices you might consider with your specific soybean technology.

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Agronomy Update

How to Get the Most Out of Liberty® Herbicide

Author: Austin Scott

At the moment, Liberty® (glufosinate) is the only post-emergence herbicide available to control glyphosate and PPO-resistant Palmer amaranth and waterhemp. So naturally, we need this herbicide to perform to the best of its ability. There are a few things you can do to enhance the efficacy of your LibertyLink® herbicide program. Below I have outlined the best management practices for post-emergence Liberty applications.

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Agronomy Update

Audio Interview with Tom Beck, LibertyLink Comparison, Weed ID

Author: Alex Johnson

Audio Interview with Tom Beck
This week I had a chance to visit with Tom Beck, a Beck’s customer, near Ridgeville Corners, Ohio. I interviewed Tom in Defiance County, Ohio from his combine cab, as he harvested his last field.

LibertyLink® Cost Comparison and Weed Identifcation
This discussion with Tom brought up a topic that I receive a lot of questions about. “How does the cost of LibertyLink® compare to glyphosate tolerant herbicides?” The key thing this chart doesn’t tell you is that Liberty® herbicide KILLS resistant weeds that glyphosate tolerant traits no longer controls such as marestail, waterhemp, and Palmer amaranth. These three weeds are present in Ohio, and growing in number.

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