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N. Indiana and Michigan: Herbicide Mode of Action Key for Injury Symptoms

Published on Friday, May 30, 2014

Herbicide Mode of Action Key for Injury Symptoms
Below you will find links to the University of Wisconsin's Herbicide Mode of Action Key for Injury Symptoms.

This key is designed to help you determine which herbicides may be responsible for suspected herbicide injury. This key uses herbicide modes of action because herbicides with the same mode of action cause similar symptoms. After reaching a specific mode of action, you can check if any of the herbicides from that group are the culprit. Also, remember to observe weeds for injury symptoms.
This key is based on three traits of injury symptoms, which can be used to distinguish different herbicide modes of action.
1—If the plant absorbed the herbicide from the soil or if it was absorbed postemergence.
2—If the herbicide translocated to growing points (root tips or meristems) or if the herbicide had contact activity.
3—If the herbicide is selective for grasses or broadleaves or is nonselective.

Download the University of Wisconsin's Herbicide MOAS Symptoms.pdf or click for the online version.

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