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Two-Pass Residual Herbicide Programs

Published on Monday, June 2, 2014

One thing I continue to hear, regardless of where I travel, is the growing concern of weed resistance. Marestail, lambsquarter and waterhemp species are really getting troublesome. Two-pass residual herbicide programs that offer as many modes of action (MOA) and sites of action (SOA) as possible are highly recommended. Use of Beck’s LibertyLink® soybeans and Liberty® herbicide is the most desired program to combat ALS and glyphosate resistant weeds in our area.

A second concern is managing our nitrogen (N) applications so to be as environmentally safe as possible, yet meeting our yield goals. This season, we will have several farmers participating in Beck’s PFR Partners testing on their own acres. We will evaluate their current practices and then look at several alternative N programs to see if any benefit can be gained. If you are interested in this type of testing, contact me at 317-694-7298.

Be safe, be patient, think, and enjoy the season!

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