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Large Seed and Central Fill Planter Setting Recommendations

Published on Monday, February 27, 2017

Low commodity prices have drastically reduced margins this year and the best way to make a profit will be to utilize all of your tools to their fullest potential. That means making sure your planter is ready for the field before its time to plant.

Here are a few reminders and things you should be sure to check before you pull out of the shop. These comments and suggestions only pertain to the listed bulk fill (central hopper) planters and to Beck’s large size seed. This means less than 1,200 seeds/lb. with weights of 60 lb./unit and heavier, and treated with Beck’s Escalate™ seed treatment. Grade sizes of concern are large MR and PL sizes.

John Deere CCS Vacuum Planters

  • For 12 and 16 row planters, set the CCS tank pressure to 14 in.
  • For 24 row planters, set the CCS tank pressure to 16 in.
  • A standard meter vacuum is 14.5 to 17 in. Larger sized, heavy seed will require a vacuum between 18 and 24 in. to keep the large seed flowing into the row unit
  • Double the amount of talc added to your CCS tank. A normal recommendation is 11 cups of talc for a 35-bushel hopper or 16 cups of talc for the 50-bushel hopper
  • When planting large seed, limit ground speed to 5 mph

Kinze Vacuum Planters with ASD

  • The best grade size to use with this planter design is MR, followed by AP. MF’s are a difficult seed size with these planters
  • The standard ASD hopper pressure is 8 to 16 in. of pressure. If the seed flow into the in-trainer is an issue, then increase the pressure to 20 in.
  • Your seed meter vacuum should be 18 to 20 in. and the vacuum brush should be set at five
  • After “pre-lubing” the planter, use 1.5 to 3.0 lb. of graphite per 50 units of seed. Talc is only recommended under very high humidity conditions
  • Limit your ground speed to 5 mph

Case IH Vacuum Planters with ASM

  • With these planters, the maximum hopper pressure is 1.0 in.
  • The fan speed should be set at 3,500 rpm for all seed sizes
  • Your meter vacuum should be incrementally increased over 22 in. until accuracy is attained
  • Set the baffle to two with the singulator set at four
  • A 50 percent graphite, 50 percent talc blend is recommended at 1/8 cup per two units of seed
  • Remember, row hopper units only use graphite
  • Limit your ground speed to 5 mph           

If you have any questions or need help getting your planter ready for the season, do not hesitate to reach out to your Beck's seed advisor or dealer. 

Happy planting!


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