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Planning Now for a Successful 2017

Published on Monday, October 17, 2016

After a slow start to the 2016 harvest, farmers throughout Ohio are now in full swing. Harvest marks the final stage to our 2016 crop, it is also the first step in preparing for your 2017 crop. Sitting in the combine at harvest is the perfect time to evaluate the various inputs and practices we implemented throughout the past growing season. 

Over the year Mother Nature handed us many challenges. While we all understand the impact rain had on our crops, have we given enough consideration to the management practices and inputs we put into place?Questions to consider as you begin planning for 2017 include: 

Hybrid Evaluation: Where did specific hybrids stand out or disappoint, and why?
Planted Population: What impact did it have on my yields? 
Fertility: How did my fertility plan affect my yields?
Nitrogen: Was my nitrogen rate and application timing sufficient?
Fungicide: How did my crops respond to fungicide applications? 
Drainage: What role did it play in my yields and overall crop health?

While the answers to many of these questions are constantly evolving, we can utilize our findings from this year as insights into our management decisions and practices for next year. The one thing we do know is that 2017 will be different. We will be presented with many new challenges but by understanding the “why” behind many of these questions we can prepare for the most successful season possible. 

Your team of Beck’s seed advisors, product specialists, field agronomists, and Practical Farm Research (PFR)® staff are all dedicated to helping you uncover the answers to these questions. Stay tuned for information regarding harvest updates, fall weed control, PFR results, and yield data in the near future!








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