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Tar Spot Update

Agronomy Update

Published on Monday, November 15, 2021

Has Tar Spot spread to your area? What are the impacts of this disease on corn in the Midwest? Steve Gauck, Beck’s Hybrids Eastern Team Regional Agronomy Manager, hosts a panel of Eastern Agronomy Team Field Sales Agronomists to discuss the latest corn disease to hit the Midwest – Tar Spot. Steve receives answers from agronomists Mike Hannewald, Aaron Brooker, and Travis Burnett on Tar Spot ranging from its history, key identification tips, and management practices to lessen its impact on yield and plant health.



To get answers on specifics of Tar Spot, view the time stamps below:

0:40 History of Tar Spot

1:49 Tar Spot Identification

2:38 Tar Spot Life Cycle

5:55 Yield and Plant Health Impact of Tar Spot on Corn Crop

8:19 Conditions Conducive to Tar Spot

11:44 Tar Spot Field Management for 2022

12:57 Future Spread of Tar Spot

15:02 Tar Spot Field Management for 2022 – Corn Hybrid Product Selection

18:47 Tar Spot Field Management for 2022 – Importance of Scouting

22:38 Fungicide Considerations with Tar Spot

25:03 Story of Tar Spot – Closing Remarks


Click here to view the Beck’s Hybrids Agronomy Brief on Tar Spot.

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