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Helping Cure Compaction and Stagnant Soils with Cover Crops

Published on Sunday, September 20, 2015

This early fall period gives farmers the opportunity to implement management practices that will benefit them during the 2016 crop season and beyond. Our agronomic area experienced extraordinary rainfall events this past season. The intensive rain events of 2015 have created surface compaction as well as stagnant soils with limited amounts of oxygen and micro life.

Cover crops are an excellent means to help cure these issues. One must first decide what you want to accomplish. Consider the 2015 applied herbicides, select the appropriate mix of cover crops, and lastly, plant in a timely manner. Helping restore these drowned out, stagnant acres to a healthy, biologically-enriched environment is vital for the next cash crop. As an example, if you are a first time cover crop user, Beck’s oats-radish mix would be a good choice. For those more experienced cover crop users, I’d suggest Beck’s corn champion mix ahead of corn that will scavenge and fix nitrogen.

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