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Good Planting Seasons Start with Harvest

Published on Sunday, September 20, 2015

This is our one last chance to scout fields and evaluate the year before harvest begins. As you walk corn fields, be sure to evaluate disease levels and look to see which hybrids handled diseases better. Ask yourself if you are happy with your fungicide applications. Look at grain fill and pollination. Take a final assessment of weed control, record notes on what weeds are present and if they need to be targeted next year. In soybeans, be on the lookout for Palmer amaranth. It has been identified in southern Indiana and we do not want to run the combine through a patch of it and spread the seeds out.

A good 2016 planting season starts with 2015 harvest. As you roll your combines out in preparation for harvest, be thinking about your spreader. Uneven spreading of chaff will be your biggest slow down for spring planting. Make sure your combine spreads chaff as wide as the grain table or head. This helps keep nutrient levels even and eliminates cold wet soils directly behind the combine where it could leave heavy residue. Compaction caused by your grain cart or combine will also affect next year’s crop.

Now is the time to put your cover crop plan into action. Many cover crops need to be planted by the end of September.

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