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How Are We Going To Handle This Year's Crop?

Published on Sunday, September 20, 2015

The 2015 growing season has been one most of us would rather forget. Cool and wet followed by warm and wet followed by dry in a few isolated areas. Nitrogen loss and leaf disease have added to the problem as summer has progressed. As harvest approaches, we need to consider how we are going to handle this crop. Here are a few thoughts:

• Don’t delay harvest because yields are less than desirable or moisture levels are high. Stalk quality will degrade quickly in areas of nitrogen loss.
• Consider locking in a lower price on fuel for drying corn. Late planting and/or the relatively cool summer could mean higher than average harvest moisture.
• Lower cylinder/rotor speed and invest in adjustable stripper plates if you don’t have them, already. Small cobs and small ears can be harvested, but some adjustments may be necessary.
• Keep drying temperatures moderate. Don’t degrade grain quality especially if it’s not very good in the first place.
• Consider coring every bin as soon as harvest is complete. Long-term storability will definitely be improved.

No matter how frustrating this harvest may prove to be, always be safe around harvesting implements or grain handling equipment. We can only hope that next year will be different!

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