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Scouting Tips To Add Bushels

Published on Thursday, August 20, 2015

It has been a challenging growing season and although you might feel like giving up, don’t! Here are few scouting tips that could add a few bushels to this year’s crop.

Late Planted Corn: Keep scouting for leaf disease and European corn borer. Be sure to examine the two leaves below the ear leaf; they serve as a predictor of what you can expect. Evaluate yield potential, weather conditions, and hybrid susceptibility as factors when considering fungicide applications. Forecasted hot/dry weather or hybrids with a low fungicide response rating might stop me from making an application. A medium or high fungicide response rating and rain/humidity in the forecast would make me apply fungicide. Fields with greater yield potential are more likely to pay off with an economic yield response.

Small Stunted Soybeans: Short soybeans don’t always mean low yielding. Stay vigilant in watching for late season insects like bean leaf beetle. Hopefully you sprayed a fungicide on most of your crop, but if not, scout for leaf diseases like frogeye leaf spot. Fungicide applications at R3 or even R4 have showed positive economic return when disease is present.

While you are scouting, start thinking about a harvest priority list. Some of the hardest hit fields may be the most likely to lodge and create harvest challenges. We may not have a bumper crop this year but every bushel still counts.

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