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Published on Wednesday, November 4, 2020


  1. Enlist One® + Liberty® resulted in greater waterhemp control vs. Enlist One + glyphosate, but Enlist One + glyphosate had greater grass control.

  2. Antagonism can occur with Enlist One® when glyphosate is substituted with clethodim.

  3. Using a premix that has both residual and post-emergence activity, such as Anthem® MAXX, increased control, and crop response.



Enlist One® + Liberty® is very effective when it comes to glyphosate-resistant (GR) broadleaf weeds, especially in high-pressure scenarios. However, there may be other weeds, like grasses, that you are trying to control. Enlist One has no grass activity and Liberty grass activity will be limited. Therefore, substituting Liberty with glyphosate and using Enlist One + glyphosate may be an option if both GR broadleaf weeds and grasses are a concern. Glyphosate will have no activity on glyphosate-tolerant corn, therefore, the addition of clethodim with Enlist One + Liberty or Enlist One + glyphosate may be necessary. Another post-emergence herbicide option is using a premix with both post-emergence and residual activity, such as Anthem® MAXX. All products added to Enlist One must be approved, tank-mix partners.


ABOVE: The Power in the PRE™ — No pre-emerge was applied to stimulate heavy weed pressure. No pre-emerge resulted in new flushes of weeds and some escapes.


Beck’s 2020 PFR data again shows Enlist One® + Liberty® had an advantage over Enlist One + glyphosate. However, the differences in fall panicum control became more apparent between the two mixtures. The plot area in which this study was conducted had heavy fall panicum pressure, and depending on nozzle droplet size, grass control from Liberty fluctuated. Liberty and Liberty + glyphosate were sprayed with an XR TeeJet® flat fan nozzle, which creates small droplets. Due to spray requirements, Enlist One and tank mix applications must use nozzles that create larger droplets such as a TTI™ nozzle. In this study, the smaller droplets equaled greater fall panicum control and larger droplets equaled less.

Though glyphosate provided better control, it was limited on glyphosate-tolerant corn, and the addition of clethodim to Enlist One + Liberty resulted in antagonism. Some Group 15 herbicides can also have antagonism when mixed with clethodim, so further evaluation is needed to see if separate applications are necessary, or if increasing the clethodim rate will reduce the antagonism. Adding Anthem® MAXX resulted in greater waterhemp control, but there was also increased crop response compared to other mixtures. Anthem MAXX has great residual grass control but has very limited grass post-emergence activity, therefore, Enlist One + Liberty + Anthem MAXX had less fall panicum control than Enlist One + glyphosate. 


A pre-emerge herbicide with a Group 15 can help reduce grass pressure in the post-emergence trip. Enlist One® + Liberty® resulted in poor grass control when extreme grass pressure was present. Clethodim tank-mixed with Enlist One + Liberty resulted in reduced control compared to glyphosate. A premix of a Group 14 + 15 herbicide resulted in excellent control but had the most crop response; a response even greater than just adding a group 15 herbicide. 

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