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Published on Monday, November 2, 2020



  1. Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® post-emerge studies have shown Enlist One® + Liberty® resulted in greater control over Enlist One + glyphosate.

  2. There is Power in the Pre™ — the utilization of a group 14 + 15 pre-emerge herbicide resulted in less pressure on the post-emerge herbicide.

  3. Enlist One + Liberty utilizes two effective SOAs. Utilizing multiple effective SOAs will help ensure current technology remains effective for years to come.

Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® data has shown Enlist One® + Liberty® resulted in very effective control of glyphosate-resistant (GR) waterhemp and marestail. Enlist One + glyphosate control was reduced when there was heavy waterhemp and marestail pressure. The utilization of an effective pre-emerge herbicide should reduce the number of weeds present at the time of the application. When battling GR broadleaf weeds, Enlist One + Liberty will result in two “effective” SOAs and will provide very effective post-emergence control of GR broadleaf weeds. However, they will not provide residual protection in-season. Just like any herbicide system, in-season residuals can help reduce late-season escapes. Beck’s PFR long-term data shows a 6% increase in waterhemp control across multiple trait platforms.


For the pre-emerge application, all plots were treated with Authority® Supreme, a group 14 and 15 herbicide that is very effective on waterhemp, the problematic weed in this study. For grass control, a group 15 herbicide will provide very effective residual control. Using an effective pre-emerge herbicide with two SOAs increased the post-emerge trip success. Following Authority Supreme, Liberty® alone resulted in 94% waterhemp control 28 DAT. Many post-emerge herbicides such as Liberty only have post-emerge activity; therefore the emerged weeds will be controlled, but there will be no future protection.

Pre-emerge herbicides begin to break roughly four weeks after application, often prior to canopy closure. The addition of an in-season residual will provide another layer of protection. Group 15 herbicides such as Dual II Magnum®, Outlook®, Warrant®, and Zidua® are very effective options for in-season grass and waterhemp protection. The addition of Warrant to Liberty increased waterhemp control to 98% by 28 DAT. A 4% increase in control can save millions of potential seeds from entering the seed bank. Enlist One + glyphosate or Enlist One + Liberty resulted in greater than 90% control. However, the addition of Warrant also increased waterhemp control. The addition of Warrant to Enlist One + Liberty or Liberty alone resulted in the greatest control. Utilizing multiple effective SOAs will help ensure current technology remains effective for years to come. 




When battling tough-to-control GR broadleaf weeds, Enlist One® should be tank-mixed with Liberty®. This is especially beneficial in heavier weed densities, where Enlist One tank-mixed with Liberty may offer better control over Enlist One + glyphosate. Just like any platform, in-season residuals will help reduce late-season escapes.


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