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16.8 Bu./A. Increase With Nitrogen Sealing System

Published on Friday, September 23, 2016

I get excited when farmers innovate and develop simple solutions to production challenges that provide immediate return on investment. John Miller from Catlin, IL has done just that with his Nitrogen Sealing Systems. John developed a mounted, double rolling coulter system compatible with a number of sidedress nitrogen (N) application systems. Loss of sidedress N can occur when soils become saturated immediately following application and also through urea volatilization. Nitrogen loss is aggravated when the application slot remains open to the atmosphere at the soil surface.

In 2015, Beck’s Indiana Practical Farm Research (PFR)® saw a 16.8 Bu./A. yield increase with a corresponding $67.53/A. net gain with the nitrogen sealing system over sidedress N application without the sealers. Immediately after the sidedress N application there was an impressive difference in the ability of the nitrogen sealers to lay soil over and seal the application slot versus an open slot where the sealers were not deployed.

If sidedressing N is a component of your overall N management system, I recommend researching this new technology online at Please contact myself or your seed advisor for assistance in developing a more efficient N management system on your operation. Have a safe harvest! 


Author: David Hughes