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Agronomy Talk

N. Indiana - Denny Cobb, CPAg

A Plant's First 30 Days

Published on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Plants need conducive growing conditions all season long for optimal performance. No other period of life is more important than a plant’s first 30 days. That period from seed to a true functioning plant with an active root system needs to be as stress free as possible. What we do or don’t do prior to planting sets the tone for this early growth period. As plants transition to the V5 or V6 growth stages in corn or V2 to V4 growth stages in soybeans, you can evaluate the need for inputs such as nitrogen, insecticide, or fungicide applications to maximize potential. Crop scouting and discussions with Beck’s dealers and staff are always welcomed, but are most important during these early growth stages. Set a goal to be proactive rather than reactive. Minimize stress as much as humanly possible and your crops will reward you this fall!

Author: Denny Cobb