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S. Indiana - Steve Gauck, CCA

Look at Corn and Soybeans, But Don't Forget About Wheat

Published on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wheat can become the forgotten crop this time of year. We had an unusual winter, but overall wheat looks good. As you scout your fields, keep an eye on leaf diseases and any weeds that may have escaped. If you only scout wheat once, make sure to pay close attention at flowering and if we have wet weather, make sure to apply a fungicide for head scab! As corn and soybeans start to emerge, take time to evaluate what is happening with your crop. Check your pre-emerge weed control, did it miss something? How does your stand look? Check for even emergence and spacing and look for diseases, insects and any nutrient deficiencies. Be sure to take good notes and plan for changes next season. I like to reference the Purdue Corn and Soybean Pocket Field Guide when scouting, as it helps in determining what is going on in my fields! In the heat of planting and preparing to sidedress, take some extra time to look at weeds that are emerging. Be diligent in spraying weeds when they are small and getting good control. Why lose a great stand to large weeds?

Author: Steve Gauck